5 Points for India’s Growth

Hello Everyone,

I come here to tell you what our Honorable PM Narendra Modi Ji gave us vision in 2014 when he commence his ruling period. His vision is very simple to make our country (India) Vishwaguru like in the ancient time we were. Our PM Narendra Modi Ji put some points to take our country on the highest level in this whole world as given below:-

 1. Talent

2. Technology

 3. Tourist

 4. Trade

 5. Tradition

 1. Talent – Our PM & said that youth is the most productive asset of the nation. Govt. will set up a National Commission on Education to report in two years on the state of education and the reforms needed PM Modi Govt. taking action to provide vocational training, Correspondence online courses will be started in new domains for self-employment, family run businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation. The goal would be to prepare the youth for jobs being created by the emerging sectors, foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to more incomes and job creation And so many talented people coming who taking part to change in the world, for Example Amol Yadav is a young pilot with a big dream: Mumbai State Govt. gave him supporting money to fulfill the project.

  2. Technology – This Point also so much important to take growth in our country (India), Technology will give us space to stand between the whole world with a clear face..Since our PM Modi come into Govt. Bharat becoming an identity in the whole world India signed important Technology & Defense Deal with different Countries and India’s govt. take action to make India strong into the Technology.

3. Tourism – According to the Modi ji, tourism and hospitality can play a major role as a foreign exchange earner and has ability to create millions of jobs every year. “Tourism plays a key role in socio-economic progress through creation of jobs, enterprise, infrastructure development and foreign exchange earnings. This govt. also taking action to develop rivers side and make them clean, developing roads to reach tourist area and developing temples so that so many people come to visit India.

4. Trade – The modern world is era of exchange of goods and material with different countries which will make our country strong financially. To increase India’s trade our country should have Zero defect products, for that country should have good infrastructure as building ports (connecting them with roads and rail to the hinterland), air Cargo facilities, Export Promotion Mission, Govt. also taking action to increase small traders income and doing some trade reforms.

5. Tradition – Tradition means people who living sounding in a particular area and living their life in a particular ways. Tradition which make us different with the other world. Tradition includes foods, living and behaving in the social world. Our PM also promoting Indian values, Indian Tradition in his every speech.

I hope this article will be helpful to understand our Bharat and their 2021 vision. If there any need to change point of view then kindly let me know about that by putting their comments.

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